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3.3.46. NXtranslationΒΆ


base class, extends NXobject, version 1.0


This is the description for the general spatial location of a component - it is used by the NXgeometry class


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distances[numobj, 3]: NX_FLOAT {units=NX_LENGTH}

(x,y,z) This field describes the lateral movement of a component. The pair of groups NXtranslation and NXorientation together describe the position of a component. For absolute position, the origin is the scattering center (where a perfectly aligned sample would be) with the z-axis pointing downstream and the y-axis pointing gravitationally up. For a relative position the NXtranslation is taken into account before the NXorientation. The axes are right-handed and orthonormal.

geometry: NXgeometry

Link to other object if we are relative, else absent
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