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3.5.3. NXcanSAS

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3.5.4. NXciteΒΆ


contributed definition, extends NXobject, version 1.0


Definition to include references for example for detectors, manuals, instruments, acquisition or analysis software used.

The idea would be to include this in the relevant NeXus object: NXdetector for detectors, NXinstrument for instruments, etc


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Groups cited:


description: NX_CHAR

This should describe the reason for including this reference. For example: The dataset in this group was normalised using the method which is described in detail in this reference.

doi: NX_CHAR

DOI referencing the document or data.

endnote: NX_CHAR

Bibliographic reference data in EndNote format.

bibtex: NX_CHAR

Bibliographic reference data in BibTeX format.
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